Contact Lenses

You get more than Contact Lenses when you purchase your lenses at 20/20 Vision Care

Contact lenses are available in basic prescriptions, to correct astigmatism and for people who need bifocals.  We prescribe contact lenses from all the major manufacturers as well as from smaller specialty lens companies.  Lenses are made in soft, rigid gas permeable and hybrid (rigid center with soft periphery) materials.

Wearing schedules are personalized to maintain the health of your eyes.  The healthiest option is 1-day disposable lenses where a fresh, new lens is inserted every day.  This modality eliminates the need to clean and disinfect lenses and buy contact lens solution (a savings of $85-$100 per year).  Generous manufacturer rebates along with 20/20's volume discounts further lower your costs.  We also use monthly and 2-week disposable lenses when dailies are not a choice.

Preferential Urgent Care

We will see you promptly if you need to be seen with an urgent contact lens problem.

Spare Lens

We can often provide you with a spare lens if a replacement lens is not immediately available and you need a lens ASAP!

Free Exchanges

We will exchange your opened and unopened boxes of disposable lenses if you have a prescription change.

We Guarantee All Lenses

Defective lenses are replaced hassle-free.


We have our most popular lenses in stock for immediate dispensing and will mail lenses if you prefer.

Free Solutions and Cases

Contact lens cases and travel size solution bottles.

Price & Rebates

Our contact lens prices are competitive with those of other private practices and with manufacturer’s mail-in rebates are often less than on-line prices.


Most of all, our doctors and staff promise to give you our best to make your contact lens experience problem-free.